It's more than just sprinkles.

Happy St. Patty’s Day

Green Velvet CupcakesThis blog is about cupcake decorating: ideas, tips and techniques. Like most decorations and things dealing with aesthetics, the cupcake decorations should match the cupcake as well.  Here is a special addition to Cupcake it.

In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day I made GREEN VELVET cupcakes from scratch.  I topped the green cupcakes with classic cream cheese frosting.  To complete the ensemble, green sprinkles were added to the tops of the cupcakes.  This was the first time I attempted this recipe and the second time ever making cupcakes from scratch.  I was a bit apprehensive because the last time I baked cupcakes from scratch they turned out a bit dry, but these came out perfect!

Since the original recipe was for blue velvet, I had to make some modifications.  Here are the materials that I used in substitution and in addition to the recipe:

The cupcakes can be frosted any way you want. You can frost them simply or get a little more creative using different piping tips.

For the green sprinkles I simply used white, granulated sugar dyed green.  To do this simply put sugar in a sandwich bag and add food coloring.  I used liquid food coloring but for a more dramatic look you can use gel food coloring.  Mix the coloring and sugar completely until all of the sugar is colored.  Lay the sugar out on parchment paper to dry before applying to the cupcakes.  This is an easy and cost effective way to get sprinkles of any color you want without have to break the bank (this was learned from What’s New, Cupcake?).

I hope you enjoyed this post.  Happy baking!


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